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British Pie Awards

British Pie Awards

Let's talk about pies...! especially gluten free pies and we're talking savoury gluten free pies. The ones you crave when you need a proper pie hug.

Meat pies are a classic British dish, and this year at the British Pie Awards they have certainly been given their due. In 2022 the British Pie Awards Supreme Champion was the ‘Gluten Free Pie’. Now that was a first!

We were over the moon to have our Cheese and Onion Pasty awarded Highly commended in the gluten free category. A real success for the small team here.

But let's get back to pies...after all it is Pie Week we're shouting about!

Gluten free steak and ale pie for British Pie Awards 2023

At Baked to Taste we’ve been working hard to create some awesome gluten free pie recipes. Our Steak, Ale and Chestnut Mushroom pie is relative newcomer to our range. This delicious pie is filled with steak, mushrooms with a rich and robust ale-infused gravy. A classic pie.

For those looking for a gluten-free option, at Baked to Taste we have a great savoury menu, gluten free pies, pasties and sausage rolls. Plus a selection of gluten free quiche to tantalise your taste buds!

Winner of a Gold at the Taste of the West awards in 2022 - it is already a firm favourite with our customers, proving that our gluten free meat pies can be just as delicious as those that are gluten-full.

Whether you’re looking for a classic recipe, something with a bit more modern flair, in a gluten-free option, we have several fantastic pies and pasties that can satisfy your craving for a delicious savoury gluten free meal. 

The British Pie Awards are a great way to find the best gluten free pies on the market. Gluten free pies don't have to mean sacrificing flavour - they can still taste incredible if made right! Our award-winning gluten free pies and pasties are definitely worth trying if you're looking for an alternative to regular gluten-full option. Even if you're not following a gluten free diet, gluten free pies can be surprisingly tasty and make an excellent addition to any meal. As seen from last year's British Pie Awards, there are plenty of award-winning gluten free pies available for everyone to enjoy. From savoury steak and ale pies, to classic chicken and ham, there's something for everyone when it comes to gluten free pies!

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