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The Great Scone Debate: Devon vs. Cornwall

The Great Scone Debate: Devon vs. Cornwall

Devon vs Cornwall - The clash of the southwest counties! It’s the epic showdown that has sparked heated debates for generations: the battle of the scones! Now, grab a mug of tea and buckle up because we're delving into the quintessentially British disagreement that has pitted Devon against Cornwall in a clash like no other. 😡

Picture this: you're strolling over beautiful Dartmoor, you catch the scent of freshly baked scones wafting through the air. You eagerly approach a quaint tearoom, ready to indulge in a traditional afternoon treat. But wait... before you take that first delectable bite, you must answer the age-old question: cream or jam first?

In the Devon corner, we have the "Devon way" – a method as precise as a perfectly brewed cuppa. These scone enthusiasts insist that the only acceptable order of toppings is cream first, followed by a dollop of luscious jam. It's a ritual steeped in tradition, which cannot be changed!

Meanwhile, across the border in Cornwall, the locals have their own fiercely defended tradition – the "Cornish method." According to the Cornish lot, jam is the rightful first layer, with a generous dollop of clotted cream to crown the creation.

Now, you might be thinking, "What's the big deal? It's just a scone!" Ah, but there lies the beauty of British culture – where seemingly pointless debates over baked goods can cause such rivalry and debate. To the rest of England, it may seem trivial but to the Cornish and Devon lot it’s a matter of local pride.

So, how did this delicious disagreement come to be? Well, legend has it that the debate dates back centuries, rooted in the historical rivalry between Devon and Cornwall. Some say it began as a gentle teasing between neighbours, while others believe it was a cunning plot concocted by mischievous bakers to keep customers entertained.

Regardless of its origins, the scone standoff shows no signs of fading away. In fact, it's become something of a sport in the West Country, with tea rooms proudly displaying their allegiance to either the Devon or Cornwall camp.

Of course, no debate would be complete without a few cheeky jabs and some tongue-in-cheek banter. Devonians may jest that Cornish scone-eaters have simply got it all wrong, while their counterparts across the Tamar River argue that Devon cream teas are simply an imitation of the real deal.

But fear not, there is no need to pick sides in this delicious dilemma. Whether you're a Devon devotee or a Cornwall connoisseur, the most important thing is to enjoy every crumb of your scone, regardless of how you choose to top it.

So, the next time you find yourself faced with a freshly baked gluten free scone. Whether you opt for cream first or jam first, just remember to savour the moment – because life is too short for stale arguments and soggy scones.

We would add...  do you put you butter on before your jam...?

Cheers to the Great Scone Debate, may your tea always be strong and your scones forever awesome!

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