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Pie Week is Here!

Pie Week is Here!

Alright, pie friends, listen up! It's that time of year again – Pie Week has arrived, and we're in the midst of a flavour frenzy like no other. But before we dive headfirst into a sea of pastry and filling, let's take a moment to explore the history behind this delicious celebration.

Pie Week isn't just any old excuse to indulge in our favourite pastry-filled delights – oh no, it's a time-honoured tradition that dates back to the early 21st century. While the exact origins are as mysterious as the perfect pie crust, it is certainly a nod to the nation's deep-rooted love affair with all things pie. Legend has it that pie-making has been a cherished art form since the Middle Ages, when resourceful bakers would encase savoury meats and vegetables in pastry to create portable meals fit for royalty. We're talking pies so decadent they'd make Marie Antoinette blush with envy 👑. Fast forward to the present day, and pies are still reigning supreme on tables across the globe.

Pie Week isn't just about stuffing your face with delicious treats – it's also about flexing those creative muscles and making your very own pie creations. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a pie-making rookie, now's the time to roll up your sleeves, dust off your rolling pin, and pie like you've never pied before! Or, you know, buy some of our gluten-free pies and enjoy some scrumptious food without any of the effort! We won’t tell 😉.

Let's not forget the festivities—because what's a celebration without a little bit of pie-themed shenanigans? We're talking pie-eating contests that would put competitive eaters to shame and parties so pie-tastic that you'll be finding pastry flakes in your hair for weeks.

As the years have gone by Pie Week has evolved into a more gluten-free friendly celebration, catering to a wider range of dietary preferences and ensuring everyone can indulge in delicious pie creations. Whether they are eating gluten filled pies or our delicious and much yummier gluten free pies!

The very best part about Pie Week is the British Pie Awards! They are the ultimate showdown for pies across the UK. This annual event brings together bakers, businesses and connoisseurs from far and wide to celebrate the art of pie-making. Picture a scene straight out of an action film, where pies of all shapes, sizes and flavours compete for glory. From traditional meat and potato classics to innovative vegetarian and vegan creations, the British Pie Awards leave no pie stone unturned. Expert judges meticulously taste and scrutinise each entry, searching for that elusive combination of flaky pastry, flavourful filling, and overall pie perfection (there were over 1,000 pies submitted last year into 24 categories!).

Speaking of perfection, last year our Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pie won a bronze award! As it should - it's downright delicious!suzi

Whether you're a pie enthusiast or a pie-maker extraordinaire, the British Pie Awards are a celebration of all things pie, where culinary dreams are made – one delicious slice at a time.

For those of you here in our home county of Devon during Pie Week, keep an eye out for special events happening around the region. If you're a runner or a keen walker for example, Running Events Devon is hosting a dedicated Pie & Pasty Challenge just outside of Pie Week. Simply sign up and join, whether you run one 5.3 km lap or 14 laps, everyone wins! The best part? Instead of getting a goody bag at the end, have your pick from a pie or a pasty! Now that’s a true Devon Goody Bag 🥟. Head down to Littleham, Exmouth on 16th and 17th March. We have also noticed that businesses near and far are offering Pie Week promotions for you and the whole family. Keep your eye peeled for all those pie-tastic offers.

So, there you have it – the countdown to Pie Week is officially on, and we couldn't be more excited. From humble beginnings in the Middle Ages to the modern-day flavour extravaganza, pies have come a long way – and we're here to celebrate every flaky, delicious moment. So, cancel your plans, stock up on our pies, loosen your belts and get stuck in to a week-long celebration of all things pie. The question is - how many pies can you eat?

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