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How Movies & Literature Have Us Craving Delicious Pie

How Movies & Literature Have Us Craving Delicious Pie

Welcome, pie army! Ready to hop on this rollercoaster journey through the big screen and the pages of your favourite novels, where pies steal the show and leave us drooling for more?  From heart warming scenes of homemade pies cooling on windowsills to jaw-dropping pie-eating contests, the influence of pies in pop culture is undeniable. So, get your forks ready, folks—it's gonna be a wild ride! 💥

Lights, camera, pie! Movies have showcased pies in some spectacular moments that are impossible to forget. Who could forget the iconic moment in "Waitress" when Jenna expresses her emotions through her mouth watering creations? Jenna’s pies became famous through their names such as "I Hate My Husband" pie and "Earl Murders Me Because I'm Having an Affair" pie, Jenna's pies aren’t just desserts— they're therapy sessions on a plate, serving up a big ol' slice of empowerment. We can all agree, a good pie is like a warm hug from grandma, with a hint of sass!

But pies aren't just comfort food. Just take "American Pie", the coming-of-age comedy that gave us the unforgettable image of Jason Biggs engaging in some questionable activities with—you guessed it—a freshly baked apple pie. It's a scene that'll make you cringe and cackle in equal measure—proof that pies can be both sweet and a tad scandalous.

And who could overlook the messy and glorious pie-eating contest in "Stand by Me", where four young friends embark on a quest to see who can devour the most pies in a bid for glory? It's childhood mischief at its finest, with a side of whipped cream and a cherry on top. Plus, it's enough to make anyone's stomach rumble.

Books aren't shy about showing pie some lovin’ either. From Ma's comforting pies in "Little House on the Prairie," serving up warmth and reassurance in tough times, to the epic feasts in the "Redwall" series, where pies practically steal the spotlight with their mouth watering descriptions. Seriously, those pies are so vividly described, you can almost taste 'em through the pages! 📚

So, why does pie hold such a special place in pop culture? Perhaps it's because pies are more than just desserts or main dish—they're symbols of tradition, nostalgia, and the simple joys of home. Whether we're watching a movie or getting lost in a novel, pies have this magical ability to transport us to a world where life is a little sweeter, a little cosier, and a whole lot more delicious.

Next time you're settling in for a movie marathon or diving into a good book, keep an eye out for those sneaky pie references. Who knows? You might just find yourself craving a slice—or two.

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