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A Snapshot of Gluten Free History…

A Snapshot of Gluten Free History…

Picture this: a world where "gluten-free" was known as "taste-free." Yes, we are diving headfirst into the Dark Ages of Gluten-Free Gloom. Back in the day, the gluten-intolerant were stuck with cardboard-flavoured pastry and cakes that made sawdust seem appetising. 🤮

(No worries, you have us now!)

Back then, the condition known as coeliac disease puzzled doctors and patients alike. People experienced a range of symptoms from digestive distress to fatigue, and the culprit remained a mystery. It wasn't until the mid-20th century that the true villain, gluten, was caught. 🦹

Concentrate now -  we’ve a little bit of the back story here. In the 1940s Dr. Willem Dicke, a Dutch paediatrician, made a groundbreaking connection between the consumption of wheat and the coeliac symptoms. Unfortunately, his findings were overshadowed by World War II (understandable really!), but post-war, the medical community began to take notice.

Fast forward to the 21st century, where gluten-free evolved from a medical necessity to a culinary movement. As awareness of coeliac disease and gluten sensitivities grew, more people sought alternatives to gluten-filled foods. But let's be real, none of the so-called alternatives nailed it! That's when we saw a gaping hole in the market and Baked to Taste started baking… that was 20 years ago!

Say Hello to gluten-free pasties! – the Cinderella story of the gluten-free pasty world. 👑 Once the punchline of gluten-free jokes, we took these savoury pastry parcels and filled them with our award winning recipe, proving that gluten-free could be flavourful, and fabulous. 🥟

Our devilish (if we do say so ourselves) pasties are downright delicious. From timeless classics such as the Steak Pasty to the audacious Ruby Murray Vegan Curry Pasty, we have created a gluten-free thrill for every damn taste bud! 🎉

Witness our gluten-free pasties confidently strut down the runway and make even the Cornish look twice! 😉 The fun doesn't stop at pasties! We have curated a wide selection of gluten-free vegan, veggie and meat-filled delights. If you fancy a snack, how about our super stuffed Sausage Rolls or a Roasted Red Pepper and Pesto Quiche? Or if it's blooming miserable outside and you want a hearty English dinner grab one of our pies out of the freezer (we highly recommend the Chicken, Leek and Bacon one!). Whip up some mash add some seasonal veggies and cover in generous pouring of gravy and boom - English comfort food right there!

And hey guess what! We can deliver these bad boys straight to your door, no faffing around in the supermarket, these pieces of culinary heaven will be on your doorstep in 3 – 4 working days if you order now!

If you haven’t gathered yet, delicious gluten-free food is here to stay. The only question is, are you onboard? Because hell yeah, we are!

We want to hear your feedback! We love hearing from our customers, whether you are praising us with glorious feedback or suggesting new recipe ideas, it always makes us smile! Get in touch today! 😎

 The Baked Crew. 🥣

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